about RPR

My name, Romy Pauline Rinke

Im here to share my work and my passion for life, traveling, cooking, Yoga and  producing beautiful content.

I have always had a range of interests in my life, which I keep trying to cooperate and connect with each other to create this bigger picture of myself and my world. Optimism permanently followed me on my way and got me where I am today and will get me where I want to be tomorrow. Coming from an artistic, hands on background  (as a dancer) I then went further in also a theoretical field and I completed a degree in Theater, Film and Media Science. I spend a lot of my time traveling as my self employment allows me to work from all over the world.                                                             I am certified Yoga teacher, I give cooking classes and I am producing photo and video content with RPRoductions.

A story that will be continued

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If you would like to get in touch, singing up for a workshop (Yoga or cooking) or if you are interested in a cooperation —

feel free to contact me : rprproductions@yahoo.com


times of love.
Colors if life




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