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JivaEats at Jivamukti Yoga NYC

Not only a magical place to get your daily yoga bliss but also a place to get some mouthwatering, cruelty free and filling food. The Jivamukti Yogastudio on Broadway always had a beautiful café/restaurant and just now they changed a few things, jumped on the modern train and reach a bigger range of people by bringing the powerful  message of veganism to the next level. Burger, Superfood Bowls, Burritos, Smoothies or Cookies – all organic and without harming other beings at JivaEats.

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Caravan of Dreams in NYC

A spanish influenced oasis with an amazing menu full of vegan, organic and delicious food right in the heart of the East Village. Avocado-Toast, Tacos, Plant Bowls, Salads or Soups, Juices or Smoothies – this place has it all. Caravan of Dreams combines its passions for food, health, music, arts, and community all at once.

We were lucky enough to meet the amazing owner and founder of Caravan of Dream, a spanish man with so much good energy around him and lots and lots of passion for what he is doing.  Continue reading “Caravan of Dreams in NYC”

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Deli Bluem Brunch – ein wöchentlicher Frühlings-Hit aus Wien

Frühlingshaft, farbenfroh und frisch – so hat der letzte Samstag begonnen. Mit dem Besuch im Deli Bluem hätte das Wochenende nicht besser anfangen können. Jeden Samstag und Sonntag ab 9:00 Uhr gibt es hier nämlich den berühmt, berüchtigten Brunch, voller frischer, gesunder und leckerer Dinge. Continue reading “Deli Bluem Brunch – ein wöchentlicher Frühlings-Hit aus Wien”

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Fresh – Fresher – Freshii

Ein busy Tag, voller Termine und Vorhaben, keine Zeit das Frühstück oder Lunch vorzubereiten und mitzunehmen?

Genau an einem solchen Tag habe ich Freshii entdeckt – Der Retter in der Not. Unglaublich zentral gelegen im 1. Bezirk Wiens, direkt an der Hofburg und Herrengasse (U3) befindet sich die kleine grüne Oase für alle, die trotz Stress und Zeitmangel ihren gesunden Ernährungsplan nicht kurzzeitig auf Eis legen wollen. Aber auch für Touristen, bewusste Esser und Neugierige ist Freshii eine Top Wahl für einen gesunden Energie-Kick (to go oder auch to stay).  Continue reading “Fresh – Fresher – Freshii”

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BERLIN BERLIN vegan berlin

36 hours – 5 vegan restaurants.
We probably could have filled these hours with much more vegan places as this city has never ending options, our hunger at some point tho stopped us from visiting more spots to snack at. Weather you are a healthy kind of person looking for detoxifying foods or high protein meals, a ‘sometimes’ healthy person that feels like ‘a burger has salat on too, right’ or if you are a total junk lover, craving fatty, sweet and oralorgasmic stuff – BERLIN just is the right place for you. I was lucky enough to live there for a while and right now I keep visiting regularly. I have to say that these amounts of amazing vegan restaurant, cafes, grocery stores or bar increased over the past 2 or 3 years. Im not over exaggerating when I say that there portably is a new vegan spot every time I visit !

But lets get real here and have a look at our few hours filled with food…food…food. Vegan food. Continue reading “BERLIN BERLIN vegan berlin”