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Vegan waffle recipe

Waffle is another dish that brings childhood memories back to life. I would make them with my family and friends all the time when I was little and eat huge stacks of them. Being vegan does not mean you can’t make waffles any longer. In fact this recipe brings me that emotional feeling of home and comfort. No harm just love for everybody (it’s getting cheesy now so lets get into the recipe 😀 ).  Continue reading “Vegan waffle recipe”

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Chocolate banana-bread

(German version below:)

As a huge banana lover this recipe is just perfect for me. The bread reminds me on a brownie as its so gooey and rich. Very chocolaty, sweet and still healthy. Anybody liking it more fluffy just use less bananas as they bring that “heaviness” into the dough. A little more ‘milk’ and flour should make the whole thing more fluffy. Continue reading “Chocolate banana-bread”

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Gluten free coconut-choclate-banana-bread Dream

A lot of people been loving gluten free recipe lately and also I enjoy the light and delicious gluten free option from time to time. As I got my hands on so many gluten free flours I decided to test around a little and see what GF has to offer in terms of baking. I have to say Im surprised that it is really easy to bake GF vegan and Ill keep testing for my beloved GF people.

This “all coco everything” chocolate bread is with many ingredients of my favorite nut (coconut) chocolate and banana – can it get better?? I used coconut in all kind of forms and once again I am amazed by the huge variety coconuts have to offer.  Continue reading “Gluten free coconut-choclate-banana-bread Dream”

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Ostern – Die vegane Suche nach den Eiern

Ostern war für mich als Kind das schönste Fest des Jahres. Die Ostereiersuche im Garten, die Familienharmonie und natürlich der ausgiebige und lange Osterbrunch machten die Feiertage zu einem unvergleichlichen.

Auch dieses Jahr habe ich mir besonders viele Leckereien und Klassiker ausgedacht und neuerfunden um den Ostersonntag besonders köstlich zu machen. Continue reading “Ostern – Die vegane Suche nach den Eiern”