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Vegan Food Guide – New York City

Its quite hard to write about a month in New York City as it brought so much to me in all manners. I could write about my foodie-life in New York, about my shopping life in New York, about my night-life in New York, about my spiritual-life in New York and about so many more things this city provides. But as this Blog is about veganism, travels and overall happy lifestyle topics I will give you a quick and helpful overview about New York City’s options for vegans, happy vegans. 

When it come to food New York is the best place in the world, especially for vegans. No matter what you have been dreaming of in the past – this place has it. I didn’t get around in Brooklyn a lot so this has only Manhattan insiders.

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Vegan restaurants: 

JivaEats – not only for Yoga at Jivamukti NYC but also for the delicious food in their cafe (blogpost about it here)

Caravan of Dreams – a spanish, organic fully vegan restaurant with tons and tons of creative and delicious food (blogpost about it here)

Beyond Sushi – a fully vegan Sushi place with all the colorful rolls you have been dreaming about

Eat by Chloe – 3 different location, each and all of them absolutely mouthwatering. This is a MUST

Terri – grilled ‘chicken’, Philly ‘Cheesesteak’ yes ! They got it all (vegan)

Urban Vegan Kitchen – “Chicken” and Waffle! Is this really vegan?

Seasoned Vegan – beautiful family owned business that offer meals that are delicious enough to satisfy the most skeptical omnivore. 

Avant Garden – vegan fine dinging at its best ! The plates are sooo creative and stunning.

Franchia – For Tea Lovers and fine dining lovers. Asian influenced and extra delicious.

Rocking Raw – for all the raw vegans out there. Crab Cakes, Nachos, Ceviche — all raw, all vegan, all delicious

Candle 79 – Elegant, Organic, Local, Seasonal, Compassionate, Green. Step Inside and discover a world of sustainable beauty in food and drink

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Vegan bakeries & Vegan treats: 

Eat by Chloe – This talented girl has a couple go shops and in one of them its all vegan pastries, cakes, muffins, ice-cream and ……

Cinnomon Snail – go earlier in a day. They bake once in the morning and run out of their cinnamon buns quickly. Donuts are … no words.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery – Banana bread, Donuts, Cakes – All gluten free, vegan and kosher

Dough Doughnuts – Huge variety for all taste buts !

Dun-Well Doughnuts – these are for real well done. Almost my neighbors Id go there all the time. An hour before closing they sell two donuts for the price of one !!! Get your donuts!

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There will be so many more places in this city that are probably just as good as the ones I presented. Im looking forward to my next visit to give an even better inside of New York Citys Vegan Food options.

Let me know if you tried any of these places, take picture and tag me! Im so excited for you to go and eat eat eat ….

Until the next Food Guide – Stay lusty ❤


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