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JivaEats at Jivamukti Yoga NYC

Not only a magical place to get your daily yoga bliss but also a place to get some mouthwatering, cruelty free and filling food. The Jivamukti Yogastudio on Broadway always had a beautiful café/restaurant and just now they changed a few things, jumped on the modern train and reach a bigger range of people by bringing the powerful  message of veganism to the next level. Burger, Superfood Bowls, Burritos, Smoothies or Cookies – all organic and without harming other beings at JivaEats.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetTo have the best overview of the always changing menu we ordered a the JIVABURGER, (which is made of a black bean patty, melted onions, veggies and a special sauce), the JIVABOWL (brown rice, organic tofu, sunflower seeds, baby kale, carrots and cabbage, roasted broccoli, turmeric-tahini dressing) and a Salat (with super creamy dressing, sunflower seeds, cabbage and onions).

All of the dishes taste were super special. As I am a huge burger person I absolutely loved the burger. The caramelized onions where the best part of it and the patty was defiantly hearty and how you want a burger patty to taste like.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Also desert people (like me) won’t miss out either. JivaEats offers freshly backed Cookies every day. On our visit they made Chia-Cookies which were so super delicious.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Chia Cookies 

For all smoothie lovers: A Charka Smoothie of the day is always available also. We an extremely creamy almond smoothie with Blueberries, almond milk & butter and more superpower foods. Great for a quick and healthy snack.



David Life, Cofounder of Jivamukti Yoga says:  “our belief is that yoga means ‘union,’ a joining of people who still care about each other and the world around us. Our goal is to inject social awareness, environmentalism, animal rights and vegetarianism into the mainstream yoga world.”

If you into Yoga try this out. If you are into vegan food try this out. If you are simply into good food try this out. This is for ALL.

Stay lusty ❤ and got o NYC.

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