Allgemein, What I eat Wednesday

# 1 What I eat Wednesday

I know how the world loves the WHAT I EAT IN A DAY posts, video or diaries. As my Instagram gallery is full of photogenic food, styled perfectly and posted at times I don’t actually eat these presented meals, I will show an authentic day of eating right here EVERY WEDNESDAY

I will also upload simply iPhone photos so you get the most raw and real impression of a full day of eating. So please don’t be distracted by not super pretty looking foods that still mostly tastes as good and the beautiful creations on the blog.

As you will see every day (or Wednesday) looks very different then the following. Due to weird female hormone ups and downs, time consuming or non time consuming things I’m doing during the day or the fact that I couldn’t go grocery shopping (which will probably never be the case) the amount I eat will vary…big time sometimes.

Still, all day everyday is VEGAN here, so lets get LUSTY !img_1745 BREAKFAST My all time obsession !! Banana ice-cream. 3 frozen Bananas blended with raw cacao powder, maca powder and a little soy milk. I topped everything with coconut flakes, date syrup and Harvest Home COCO RICE.

LUNCH SUPER QUICK Falafel burger. I had some let over falafel from the weekend and buns for tonights burger date ❤  layered greens, falafel, bbq & sweet chili sauce !

SNACKS I had through out the day.

  1. The last little falafel with a dried tomato and carrot
  2. Soy Latte – which is really rare because I normally never drink coffee
  3. Muesli Bar – Banana flavored and chocolate covered

DINNER – As I had two special guests for dinner tonight I made Bosh TV inspired Pasta Burger again  as its just the best ! 

Like you see, my day was full of burgers today ! Sometimes its full of salads and veggie stews so stay tuned for another WHAT I EAT WEDNESDAY.

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