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BERLIN BERLIN vegan berlin

36 hours – 5 vegan restaurants.
We probably could have filled these hours with much more vegan places as this city has never ending options, our hunger at some point tho stopped us from visiting more spots to snack at. Weather you are a healthy kind of person looking for detoxifying foods or high protein meals, a ‘sometimes’ healthy person that feels like ‘a burger has salat on too, right’ or if you are a total junk lover, craving fatty, sweet and oralorgasmic stuff – BERLIN just is the right place for you. I was lucky enough to live there for a while and right now I keep visiting regularly. I have to say that these amounts of amazing vegan restaurant, cafes, grocery stores or bar increased over the past 2 or 3 years. Im not over exaggerating when I say that there portably is a new vegan spot every time I visit !

But lets get real here and have a look at our few hours filled with food…food…food. Vegan food.

We started the day of healthy (yes, there is unhealthy vegan food) at a hip little restaurant in Berlin Mitte. In this area is packed with one health store next to the other but we had to choose one.  Superfood & Organic Liquids  was our choice for breaking the fast.IMG_9255.jpg

img_9289I couldn’t decide weather to have an Acai Bowl or a Raw Racao Bowl. As I always have Acai Bowl when I go out for ‘bowly places’ like this one I went with the Cacao Bowl. Chocoholic approved I would say !! Super rich, feeling after is great tho.

Second thing we got was a high protein salat. On point I would say. It had all the goodies that sports ladies and gents need to build those muscle. Chickpeas, Quinoa, black beans, greens + and tahini dressing (favorite part as a tahini addict). img_9273

After a little walk, which literally was the walk from Superfood & Organic Liquids to the next place for a little snack, we went to My Goodness Berlin. A place that shares its space with an extra hip cycling gym. Interesting lattes, brownies, banana bread, avocado toast – if you love these things and try to be good to your body, my goodness here is a right place for you. We had a piece of banana bread and Raisin Apple Bar.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Another walk + a little car drive brought us to the last place of the day. In Friedrichshain, the place thats getting ‘the place to be’ currently, one can find The Bowl. Underneath the famous Veganz where we got some chocolate coated cranberries and the new vegan magazin.  The Bow is just a MUST for everyone. Vegan or not, health enthusiast or not – this place know how cook and uses superb ingredients.

Driving away the next morning we decided to grab some food for our journey. DONUTS AND PIZZA. Hell yeah, makes a long long drive so much better and comforting. This Donuts place called Brammibals Donuts  was on my list for ages and I finally made it and wasn’t disappointed. Picture will tell for themselves. IMG_1059.JPG

These made my day. Still dreaming! I recommend Matcha Coconut and Beetroot – maybe because they look so pretty. Im sorry for the terrible Pizza picture quality… I was too exited to take proper shots. Max und Murat in Kreuzberg – best name of them all – have a variety of vegan Pizza options. IMG_4442.JPG

WHAT A DAY ! Or rather one and a half days. I m looking forward to go back to B-town, continuing my eating marathon !
Happy days lovely peeps – STAY LUSTY ❤

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