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I got to spent a SUMMER in the southern part of INDIA, traveling, wandering, touring around from Mumbai towards the lower southern parts of this special country. You could even say it feels like visiting COUNTRIES, instead of one single one.

While planning and talking to people about my upcoming journey to India, I got a whole lot of concerns send my way. “Why would you go? You might get raped!”, was the first intention that came to many peoples mind. I knew and respected their concerns, nevertheless I felt good and mature about visiting that country, whose offer were so much more then just worrying about things that might have happened before. As we were traveling a deux, a male and myself, I did not worry about being in danger. We also met tones of women traveling by their own. Im not saying that this is the best way to discover India, but with planning, clever behavior and matureness, it is defiantly possible having a good time there.

We started in Mumbai and made our way all the way down to Varkala. Bangaluru and Hampi were the only places we spent inland, other then that we went with the ocean. We spent August and September in India, so it was off season. The weather was good, it was raining from time to time, some places were shut down and the rents were much cheaper then at the end of the year (high season). The atmosphere was most likely  laid back, locals got some rest before the tourism in winter and we didn’t meet as many other travelers then we would have in December.

What was best about this trip?: The people along our way, the daily amazing food (also as a vegan) and the breathtaking different landscapes. India has more vegetarian people then whole world together so they basically understand the VEGAN eating habits, but its helpful to make your point clear once more while ordering your food. (Let them know you would not like butter or curt (yoghurt) in your curries.) The dimensions here are on a whole other level then I ever experienced anywhere else. The divide between rich and poor is immense and is even widening more from time to time.

I am going to share and present some of so many impressions of this magical place called INDIA. Even though we got to see a lot, India has even more to offer. To properly see and get to know this country well, you basically have to spent your whole life experiencing  – and this might not even be enough time.

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